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Momiji Tunnel – the popular spot for shooting photos of colorful autumn leaves season at Fuji-Kawaguchiko

The most popular spot for shooting photos of Fuji-Kawaguichiko must be around Momiji Tunnel or Maple Tunnel.  On a bright clear day you can take photos of red maples contrast with the azure blue of the sky and the ocean blue of Kawaguchiko Lake including Mt. Fuji as the background.  You’d better come and see this with your very own eyes.  It is a lot more beautiful than in those postcards.


Besides, there is lighting display at nightfall.  So watching autumn leaves at night time will give you another beautiful impression.


Appropriate time:

Around the end of October till the middle of November.



Maple Tunnel, Fujikawaguchiko Town.



Catching Retro Bus that runs around the lake from Kawaguchiko Station to Natural Living Center and taking a walk for about 15 minutes