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Night View Seeing in Hakodate at the 3 Michellin Star Green Guide Viewpoint

Hakodate is one of the three biggest town on the north island, which locates on the southern of Hokaido.  This town has beautiful sceneries and it is also well-known for fresh seafoods.


The famous place for tourists here is Mt. Hakodate, especially the night view seeing on the top of the mountain which is about 334 metre height, from that point you can see the scenery all around Hakodate.Travelling to the mountain is very convenient as it is not far from the town.  And going up the mountain is more convenient as there is a Ropeway that takes only 3 minutes to the top.


Now the view from Mt. Hakodate has received 3 stars from Michellin Green Guide – Japan.  This award is the guarantee that you must be very amazing when you see the view up there.  And the important thing is from March 2016, you can travel from Tokyo right to Hokaido by Hokaido Shinkansen.  So let’s make a plan to Hakodate.



The comparing photos of the Day View and Night View

The comparing photos of the Day View and Night View


Take Street Car to “Jujigai” then walk for 10 minutes to Ropeway Station.  Take Ropeway for another 3 minutes to the mountain top.


April 25 – October 15           10.00 – 22.00 hrs.
October 16 – April 24           10.00 – 21.00 hrs.


Adults: ¥1280 for round trip
Children: ¥640 for round trip


Source & more information:
http://www.hakodate.travel/th/ (Thai)
http://www.334.co.jp/eng/ (English)