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Special discounts available!

Hot deal for stays of 2 nights and more at eligible hotels.

Stay longer, get more discounts!

2 nights discount RM80 off

3 nights discount RM160 off

4 nights discount RM240 off

*This discount promotion can be applied for a consecutive stay
in the same hotel or with orther applicable hotels.


Example 1: STAY 2 Nights



Example 2: STAY 3 Nights



Example 3: STAY 4 Nights

DiscountStay longer Get more discount


For details about our products,
please contact the travel agencies below.

「And more 」

FREE Suica!

Limited offer! Get one “Suica & N’EX Design” Suica

when you purchase any HOTEL + RAILPASS products!( Initial value of JPY 1,500 )

Suica is an IC card which can be used for subway, bus and shopping.
* Campaign Period: Until 20 Mar. 2019 (Booking basis) Departure Date: Until 31 Mar. 2019
* Regular Suica card will be replacing in case of limited edition Suica cards are out of stock.

Best Choice For Discovering

the Seasonal Beauty and Stunning Colors of Eastern Japan

  • F Shiroishigawa Tsutsumi
  • G Tsurugajo Castel
  • H GALA Yuzawa
  • I Nikko
  • J Kawaguchiko

Fantastic Offer!

JR TOKYO Wide Pass

JR TOKYO Wide Pass+ 1night



JR EAST PASS Nagano, Niigata area

JR EAST PASS Nagano, Niigata area+ 1night



JR EAST PASS Tohoku area

JR EAST PASS Tohoku area+ 1night



*This rate is the price per person based on double or twin use. *Can extend the stays or add other hotels. *Please contact travel agencies for details

For details about our products,
please contact the travel agencies below..